I’ve done work for several BBC radio stations – Radio 1, BBC WM in several capacities, Five Live and Radio Nottingham – and this in particular was the most memorable moment.

In September 2005, I made a brief appearance in the BBC WM studio to remove a bug that had put the longstanding broadcaster Ed Doolan’s production team into a flap, on this very popular regional daytime programme on BBC WM. That may not sound especially exciting – but click here to listen to what happened next, it’s very funny. This was part of a wider series of roles I held at BBC radio stations over that period…

  • Producer of 5 features on faith, spanning the region and all its faith communities to tell the story of ‘the changing face of faith’ in the West Midlands for BBC WM (2005). These covered: How changes in religious buildings are transforming the region. Faith issues among young people. Faiths reaching out into the community. A day in the life of Hospital Chaplains. How to sustain faiths made up entirely from converts.
  • Broadcast Assistant on BBC Radio Nottingham Breakfast Programme, clipping interviews for news bulletins, handling calls and assisting colleagues (2003).
  • Commissioned ‘vox populi’ for Five Live on supercasinos (2005).
  • Member of BBC West Midlands Local Advisory Council (2005-6), advising BBC programming locally and providing representative feedback on BBC services.
  • Drama Producer for BBC WM Prisons Radio Projectclick here to read all about it.
  • Placement on Scott Mills, Radio 1 (2004) – producing several Celebrity Calls features (in which unsuspecting businesses received phone calls from movie or TV characters), researching ‘Fact Hunt’ feature, research for Jo Whiley programme, Newsbeat, and contributing to a Playlisting meeting, which was extremely informative and deserves an article here at some point…
  • Placement on Adrian Goldberg Breakfast Show (BBC WM, 2005) including a ‘vox populi’ for a feature and a visit to a local doctor returning to tsunami-ravaged Sri Lanka.
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