Demo CDs from Ian’s student radio experience (produced 2003)

At the UK’s leading student radio station, I was able to gain experience of radio production, radio drama production, writing and editing, presenting, interviewing, DJ’ing and more. URN 1350 was the biggest in the UK, having won twice as many awards as any of its rivals at the time, and while I was there I was involved in all kinds of productions including co-founding the award-winning drama Lenton Boulevard. Now that they’re approaching their tenth birthday, I thought I’d give the demos I made at the time a new airing here.

I earned First Class Honours from my English degree at the University of Nottingham, but it was everything else I did there which made my future career happen. During my student radio experience, I:

  • Co-founded the innovative student radio drama series Lenton Boulevardwhich I’ve discussed in more detail in a separate article;
  • Interviewed the British journalist captured by the Taliban in the run-up to the Afghan war, Yvonne Ridley, and others;
  • Was a presenter of daily discussion show The Pulse, and the Lenton Boulevard programme;
  • Presented music radio slots as a DJ, with features including In All Its Glory which played extended tracks by top artists in their full majesty;
  • Helped with live events on location among our campus audience; and
  • Produced a brooding and ironic soundtrack for my debut stage play Haze.

These demos stand as a record of the work I had delivered while still a student, and they can’t have done me any harm as I did go on to become a fully-fledged professional over the next year. It goes without saying that I can’t even bear to listen to them at this point in my career, but either nobody bothered to check them before giving me paid work or else they can’t have been too bad…

Regardless of my current icky feeling towards them and my situation back then, a good amount of good work went into these which I’d rather not see go to waste even now, and I imagine they might be of interest to new professionals starting out, or people currently thinking of commissioning me. Your feedback is still most welcome – I’m not the same person I was when I made these, but it’s important to value where we’ve come from as much as where we are if we’re going to learn the right lessons from our careers. Add your comments below!


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