WhatsOnUK Publications in which my work featured

I contributed several dynamic and often eye-opening pieces over six months for the youth-orientated music and entertainments magazines of this campaigning publisher, including spoof horoscopes and agony aunt columns and journalistic articles about regeneration and other issues. I also managed the company’s ‘Save Five Ways’ campaign which resulted in a major front-page feature in Birmingham News and an appearance on Channel 5 News.

You can read examples from that work in my 2009 Writing Sampler – click here to download it. I’m particularly pleased with the satiric horoscopes and Agony column which are even more witty, dark, surreal, shocking and unexpected than my usual!

Pieces I wrote included:

  • Spoof horoscopes
  • Spoof Agony column
  • ‘5 Steps to Becoming the Band of 2008’ article
  • Campaigning Press Releases
  • Researched journalistic article addressing crucial issues of urban regeneration and independent businesses, as part of the Save Five Ways campaign.
If you’d like me to deliver projects like this for you, email me at ian@iqkennedy.co.uk!


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