Citizens Website Teaser episode

Citizens Website Teaser episode

One series. A million interpretations. Only two ways to the truth.

Friends, colleagues, fellow citizens… a new interactive series, for which I am allegedly responsible, is now here. Watch and interpret our trailer at Follow us on our social media platforms – Facebook (, Twitter ( and of course YouTube (

The website is at and is where the real interactivity happens. You can watch the evidence once it goes live (an episode every weekday from July 27th 2015 for 3 weeks) and give your interpretation of the episode. There are over 2 million combinations possible. Those who get 95% or more of the questions correct across the whole series will be rewarded with full access to the feature-length complete series, with well over a dozen bonus episodes of concealed extra footage and answers to the mysteries at the heart of the series.

Citizens website content

Citizens website content

The website will also become a font of information and amusement around issues of identity theft, surveillance, hacking and all related issues. All told in our sly and wry tone, shedding light on these issues from the point of view of successful identity thieves living invisibly in our midst.

The series has been amusing to make, and the format has afforded me to be completely experimental about how I made it and packaged it. You are most welcome to dislike it or tell me it sucks. We’re testing here a format and a concept – in many ways the series itself is the smallest part of the concept we’re testing out and seeking a following for here.

So. If any of this intrigues, check us out, follow, share, like, promote. If not, ignore. All is good. To succeed as a web series, it’s much more important to achieve a global niche following than try to appeal to everyone with something that doesn’t have investment and big marketing clout behind it.

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Why thank you.





In other news…


Lovely as it is to be fully booked, it does mean that my efforts to promote my own work have often been more sporadic than they should be – and I’ve certainly learned the lessons from that. So, I’ve currently taken on an assistant to help me give projects like these the exposure they deserve – among other things. If you’re interested in any of these projects, just let me know! Sure I can find a way to get you involved very soon…



  • COOKING FOR ONE – comical cookery programme that even lazy single blokes can stomach. Teaser episode and other indicative episodes currently in postproduction. Click here for more.
  • DELUSIONS – This intense new stage play sees a traumatised clinical psychologist battling his own flashbacks and hallucinations as he tries to understand his patient’s disappearance before the police can arrest him for her murder. Play currently seeking a producer. Click here for more.
  • Many other formats and videos currently being edited and organised into episodes and series by myself and my trainee editor. Click here for more details about my slate of projects.

I’ve written, conceived and where relevant directed and edited each of these projects.


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