Creative Writing lesson example

Creative Writing lesson example

My next wave of open-access Creative Writing courses get underway from January 11th hope to see many of you at them. Adult Education departments are braced for dramatic cuts in 2016 so make the most of our services while you can! I do suggest you sign up before Christmas to any January courses to ensure that they’ll run. BAES needs an average of 12 learners across its courses this year. To see our full options for CREATIVE WRITING and hundreds of other courses, see – if you’d like to catch one of my courses you’ll find them this time at:

  • BILLESLEY – Mondays 6.55-8.55pm, Trittiford Centre
  • FIVE WAYS – Thursdays 6.30-8.30pm, Brasshouse Centre

To sign up, the details are in the online course directory at this link. Invite your friends and relatives and anyone else who’s interested too.

Books of insight I can happily recommend

Books of insight I can happily recommend

The new courses will cover new ground as selected by the learners themselves, and everyone will get the chance to vote on how formal/structured or informal/flexible they would like the delivery in their class to be. I aim to provide plenty of writing and feedback time as well as structured exercises and insights in every lesson. The format of classes is typically:

  • 15-minute creative writing challenge, which also introduces the main subject of the lesson;
  • Quick review and updates of your own learning aims and progress, plus any other news;
  • 45 minutes exploring one new important idea or aspect of writing or the writing process;
  • Readings and class feedback upon your writing, and (if there’s time) writing games and further exercises;
  • Class feedback on the lesson, introducing the follow-up activity to work on before the next lesson, and looking forward.

Meanwhile, I’m also soon to provide a public relaunch of Screenwriters’ Forum (which I now chair) along with the premiere of our jointly-written short film, and also intend to create a Script Development Group for writers keen to professionally develop their scripts among peers. More news on all this soon!

Hope you have a lovely Christmas!


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