IQK slogans on tags...

IQK slogans on tags… “Creativity Cannot Be Contained”, and “Wisdom retained into sobriety is wisdom truly earned.”

Succeeding in this industry means trying to stay a few steps ahead of the game. So here’s my effort to answer your questions before you’ve even had them!


Who are you? Have we met somewhere?

Maybe, I do get about a bit! I’m an independent writer/producer based in Birmingham, UK who has previously written nearly 150 episodes of broadcast drama for the BBC (triple award-winning series Silver Street for BBC Asian Network), done radio production for many radio stations including Radio 1 and 5 Live, done script readings for WriteMovies, run writing courses, managed Communications for The Producers’ Forum for 3 years and designed their website, done lots of other commissions and lived in Italy twice. Among other things.


So what about your own work?

For audiences I aim to always make intelligent, engaging entertainment, often with a darkly comical twist. For my other clients, I help them promote themselves through websites, videos, communications and whatever else they need – but go to for the details of that. Everything else – including all the stuff I’m writing and producing myself – will be featured on this website when I get time!


New 2014 look thanks to a vintage jacket.

New 2014 look thanks to a vintage jacket.

Is this it?

Nah, that’d be silly. Any writer or producer needs many projects in development at any time, because a limited number ever get to see the light of day. That’s why I produce my own material as far as I can – because I think it’s my job to prove that these concepts and scripts work before I expect anyone else to pay for them. Some of the work I’ve had in progress down the years is listed on this site under the ‘In Development’ categories – check them out if you’re interested – but others, especially the ones I’ve been developing alone, haven’t been mentioned. Many are beyond my means for now, so I’ll be happy to share my body of unrealised work with any established producers or commissioners who could be interested – email me.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to hire a scriptwriter/script editor/consultant/producer/etc for your own project, and you think I might be suitable, then tell me about it!


Citizens: Excision title card

Citizens: Excision title card

What sort of a writer or producer are you then? What’s your style?

As far as my own unique identity as a writer goes, I like to balance high drama with farce, and insight with self-deprecation: because I believe that this is how life really works, when we’re being honest with ourselves. Humour is more insightful than sincerity and that’s why we are predisposed to enjoy and appreciate it. And good satire is more true than the truth.

I love the excitement and inspiration when we experience writing that opens our eyes – and the biggest buzz is creating it and having my own eyes opened by it. But I’m just as good at self-discipline, editing and above all at structure, which my own editors have often told me is my greatest strength as a writer. At the end of the day, all writing – whether a play, a poem or a shopping list – is an act of a persona which we take on in order to communicate something important.


IQK stamp, as crafted for me by an Italian artisan.

IQK stamp, as crafted for me by an Italian artisan.

What does the Q stand for? Bit pretentious, innit?

It’s a joke really – I’m actually named after my grandparents Ian and William, not anyone called Quentin or Quintus or whatever. But when I was a teenager, for no obvious reason, the Inland Revenue always used to address me in letters as MR. I.Q. KENNEDY, and at that age there really wasn’t any point contacting them to correct it. I found it amusing and started putting an “IQK” note alongside anything that I thought would be useful in my later career. For better or worse, it kind of stuck. Sorry.


Why aren’t you writing and producing more of your own stuff right now?

I’ve got plenty of good writing and productions finished which I’d like more time or assistance to promote, produce and distribute, when I get the right assistant in place or an agent. But as my twenties were a struggle, I’ve switched my immediate priority to securing the future of my creative business interests. With the cash flow and productivity gains that will come from those, I’ll be in a much stronger position to refocus on the writing that means the most to me.

Previous IQK website homepage

Previous IQK website homepage

Gizza job! – But seriously, could I work with you?

Yep, definitely, I’ve usually got more work on than I can manage alone, so feel free to enquire – I’ve lately taken on an assistant for my various creative business interests anyway and will be happy for more assistance!

Any regrets so far?

None I’m not still young enough to put right. Working in the ways I do makes for a lively and bumpy ride, but I’ve made many fascinating friends along the way, and come away with a lot of interesting stories to share. After all, I’d rather be anything than bored.