A sideways look at someone who does like to look at things sideways. Photograph by Simon Crouch.

An affectionate, tongue-in-cheek update of the cult 1980s BBC1 series…

Sometimes, just a well-expressed concept is enough for me – what’s the point of continuing to develop someone else’s work if you don’t have the rights or a commission to make it? But if you do have the rights to this series, or know who does, put us in touch, because I think this might just amuse…

MAVERICK TAX INSPECTOR JIMMY BERGERAC lands on the island of Jersey, determined to make his own mark on the tax-haven Channel Island that his father made his own as a detective in the 1980s.

Ever since his mother (Liza Goddard) revealed his father’s identity, Jimmy’s been in search of the man whose reputation seems to go before him wherever Jimmy goes – so when he gets the chance to investigate a Jersey-based private equity firm whose suspicious collapse precipitated the financial crisis, he jumps at it.

Bombing around the tranquil island in his white classic Ford Sierra Cosworth while recovering from his own secret cocaine habit, Jimmy’s not afraid to ruffle feathers, whether it’s with the residents, his bosses or the local wildlife. He’s on the hunt for the perpetrators of a financial scandal, as well as his father, and his ex-wife – the beautiful Ghanaian Gloria Hungerford, who may be hiding among her relatives on the island since disappearing after their green-card wedding. But wherever Jimmy looks, the shifty tax-dodging locals seem to be a step ahead of him and willing to do whatever it takes to stop him. Do they know something he doesn’t… and could his legendary father be the cause?

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