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A cookery show that even lazy single blokes can stomach… In December 2010 Studio B15 (the University of Birmingham’s impressive Media Centre) invited me to produce a slate of exciting web videos together with them, and this enjoyable demo was the first fruit.

For me, the aim of the programme is to entertain and inspire single people to make food an adventure and not just to eat crap all the time. The show does away with shopping lists, recipes, plans, measurements, freezer food, ready meals and junk food – instead I try to work out how to turn whatever ingredients I’ve got to hand into something simple, interesting and healthy – in short, to be a Have-A-Go Kitchen Hero. Every mini episode is a spontaneous triumph or disaster waiting to happen.

In the end, I didn’t take up the offer to make further videos with the studio because the University’s approval process was too convoluted for us to achieve the spontaneous and continual web videos that my research had shown we’d need in order to have a good chance of success. So I’m currently repackaging the demo as an independent production and aim to produce more episodes soon.

The teaser was filmed by Gabe Crozier with myself as presenter. Thanks also to Joanne and Angus Kennedy for providing the venue.


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