My quill pen – made myself from a pheasant feather I found in the New Forest, and used whenever I need to sign something.

If any of my projects or writing have inspired or entertained you, why not thank me or invest in my projects with a donation? All donations are used to directly fund my creative work, and if you specify what you’d like me to work on thanks to your donation, I’ll be able to do exactly that. I’ll also give you an acknowledgement in the finished work and/or its publicity, depending on the project. (Of course, please note that your donation does not buy you a stake in the project: if you’d like to commission me to write or produce something for you, just say so!)

Thanks so much for making this donation to help a creative to thrive in a challenging world! Every £20 invested buys about an hour of my time, during which I can work happily away on something wonderful without fear of the financial sky falling in on me, just for a little while. And if there’s a specific project you’d like me to invest your donation into, use the form at the bottom right of the page instead and tell me which in the ‘Comments’ box.



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