IQK slogan - now embossed on a dog tag.

IQK slogan – now embossed on a dog tag.

So followers of this blog will know that – taking a new tack in turning my writing and production commissions into a steady stream of income – I’ve been focusing lately on creative business, rather than creative delivery. And since it’s been a while since I posted on here, it’s time to reveal how that’s been going…

And the simple answer is, well! I’m delivering services for creative businesses and creative people every day – and every week I’m helping writers develop themselves and deliver their goals. I’ve been fully booked for nearly a year now, delivering writing courses, enabling creative businesses to grow by taking on new talent, and delivering websites and videos and communications for other creative projects. For the first time, I’ve got a solid foothold in the industry to build on, and I don’t have to rely on commissions or favour from anyone else in order to deliver productive work and earn a sensible living. I’ve also started getting flattering offers from writing organisations I work with, which could move my status in the writing industry to a new level too, if I can make the time to take them up. Meanwhile, I’ve also had an attractive offer from a leading app developer to turn my writing development tools into an accessible app for the global market.

A teasing personal slogan that I keep on my daily work memory stick.

A teasing personal slogan that I keep on my daily work memory stick.

Meanwhile, I’m also likely to soon be in a position to grow my creative business further by creating a new assistant role. And that’s where my hard work starts to benefit my writing and productions – by providing someone with the time and skills to deliver the important parts of it all that I can’t make enough time for when I’m fully booked delivering work for other clients all the time. The whole point of delivering those commissions and contracts is to enable me to invest in my own writing and productions – and this could turn out to be the most productive way to do it.

So, in the short term, my writing and productions continue to be held in suspense. Their time will come – as will mine, I hope. Promising times.

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