SWF logoI’ve been asked to take over this regional organisation run by and for professional screenwriters – equivalent to the film Producers’ Forum which I ran the communications for 3 years. It’s flattering of my established writer friends to ask me to lead an organisation like this so I’m being making a thorough start to identifying our goals and opportunities to strengthen and enhance the status and opportunities of professional writers based in the region.

SWF-banner-homeSo I’ve arranged a first meeting and drawn up a full list of discussion points and opportunities we can take up, drawing on a lot of other positive developments in other sides of my work. While the new position brings me more recognition and influence, it also adds to a list of roles and responsibilities that has never been longer. Just as well that I’ve recruited a new Assistant – a paid intern for the next six months – coming into my Friendly Creatives business to support it all. Friendly Creatives has also created a new Traineeship scheme to get unemployed young people into creative apprenticeships, and our first Trainee has already begun. Both of these things have been facilitated by my partners at Creative Alliance, the leading independent learning provider for the creative industries in the region. Meanwhile I’m better and busier than ever with no shortage of clients for my creative services – websites, videos and all the rest. I’m aiming to pull together as many of the challenges and resources at my disposal – I love putting problems together to create solutions.

So, the new phase of my career starts here. Much to be done. Wish me luck.

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