It’s been an exciting few years since I moved into the international writing industry, as Director of WriteMovies and now also of TalentScout International Management. I’ve also continued to support writers from my region into the industry, through Screenwriters Forum. These roles have predominated my own writing output in recent years, and my own writing is now represented by TalentScout International Management ( and will be promoted through them rather than this website.

This website will largely be left dormant while I work in those industries in my bigger roles in the international industry, but I continue to deliver all of the kinds of writing and articles which I’ve published here in the past.

For now, these are the places to find out more about me, what I’m doing and how I can help you achieve great writing and your personal goals!

If you’re interested in…

  • Taking your writing to the industry, seeing how good your writing is and how it competes against all the other writing out there, and getting pitched to the international industry – Visit to get the benefit of the contests and mentoring services for writers across the world.
  • My ongoing Writing Insights articles – visit my articles on the WriteMovies website at
  • Finding peers, developing your writing and finding support for your writing locally and regionally – visit to see what the regional writing network can do for you, and to see what events are coming up soon.
  • Train-up as a screen writer and film maker, visit Right Movies academy our unique virtual film school.

Thanks for all your interest and support down the years and I look forward to working with you in the future!

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