Denny Hodge as Edward in TAKING TIME

Denny Hodge as Edward in TAKING TIME

In 2015-16 I produced and script edited a cinema-quality short film, proposed and directed by filmmaker Gabe Crozier, for which 6 Screenwriters Forum members each contributed a minute of self-contained script, which I then edited together into an overall script, and I then cast and delivered the project with Gabe. The two of us fulfilled all of the other roles to complete the production process, earning appearances on BBC Midlands Today and Big Centre TV in the process.

Full details of the film and its news and credits are provided on the Screenwriters Forum website at these links:

Our aim has been to promote and submit it to film festivals and for the project to gain momentum from that.

The only brief that was given to the writers was to centre their scripts upon an ageing man who feels out of place in the modern world. Because the process was experimental from start to finish, I didn’t imposed any rewrites on the writers, nor amend their scripts if it could be avoided: the only changes and insertions came from the director during the filming process. The end product was then in the hands of our casting and editing – plus the grading and soundtrack and composition added by Gabe. The outcome is an experimental 14-minute film at cinema-quality production values. We’re happy with the process and the end product, considering the process that generated it, and we’ll be happy to share this work with film festivals and others wherever it is of interest!

My individual roles on this project included:

  • Script Editor
  • Producer
  • Casting Coordinator
  • Sound Recordist
  • Locations Coordinator
  • Publicist
  • Editing Assistant

I was proud to present the first screening of the film at the public launch of Screenwriters Forum, which I delivered in early 2016. More on that soon!

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